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Sunday, January 28, 2018, 12:00 PM PST
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Trails of the Panted Ponies - (4) Retired Ponies, (2) of them signed by the Artists, and (4) Painted Pony Ornaments

For those of you who follow and collect 'Trails of the Painted Ponies', you know the value of this package! Generally these ponies run from $40 to $1,500+ (individually) if wanting to purchase one. They can go higher than that if retired, and/or signed by the artist, becoming collector's items worth hundreds. Serious collectors have been searching for a way to collect figurines that are hand signed and hand numbered by the artists who created the original works of art from The Trail of Painted Ponies. Each figurine is inspired by an original Painted Pony artwork, has been crafted with an exquisite attention to detail, and has received "creative approval" from the artist. As such, each figurine has an authenticity that makes it an artwork in its own right. Painted Pony figurines are cast in either ceramic or resin and stand approximately 7" in height. Twelve new designs are released every six months, and at least once a year, a certain number of figurines are "retired." Each is sequentially numbered and is accompanied by a "story tag" which tells the tale of the Pony, and provides information about the artist.

This years exciting Painted Pony Package offers (4) retired ponies (2 of which are Artist signed ponies), and an additional (4) Painted Pony Ornaments!

Painted Pony Figurines:

1) RETIRED - Painted Pony: RITES OF PASSAGE - The Artist - Black Pinto Horse aka Monte Yellow Bird, Sr. From the summer of 2011, 20TH Release. Retired May, 2014. First Edition/1922.


There are many sacred seasons of our lives, marking important periods of growth and change. One of the most joyous is the journey from childhood to adulthood. Rite of Passage tells the sacred story of girls becoming knowledgeable young women and boys evolving into responsible young men through powerful First Nation colors and symbols. This horse, or Sacred Dog, carries the hopes and dreams of all young people as they travel through life. Green represents growth on this journey of color... blue symbolizes holiness and orange marks the beginning and ending of these sacred transitions in life. The four butterflies represent the Creator and the four stages of life for women. The warrior's footsteps are symbolized by four horse tracks as young men learn about their responsibilities. The Tree of Life stands for the past, present and future generations.

2) RETIRED - Painted Pony: HEART TO HEART. The Artist - Jackie B. Thompson. From the summer of 2013, 28TH Release. Retired February, 2015. LOW FIRST EDITION / 0460


Sometimes the sweetest things are simple to say. Painted Ponies hearts are colorful and will surely make your day. So share a thought and a smile with family and with friends, on this heartfelt trail ride where the fun never ends. Happy Hearts & Happy Trails!

3) RETIRED - Painted Pony: 'America Dream.' A true collector's item! Release Date: Summer 2005, it is a first addition 3877. Autographed numbered pony. It is signed on the top of the base by the artist. It is also numbered #17/118. The Artist: Bonny. Material: Resin. Size: 7" Tall. Retired: July 2007.

American Dream Story:

Asked by a Christian ministry that places Russian orphans in the homes of loving families to paint a Pony that captures the dream-come-true that awaits these children in America, Bonny incorporated the warm red and deep gold colors associated with Russian matruska dolls, along with children's faces peering out with hopeful expressions, doves of peace, and flowers and leaves, into a spectacular artwork that makes a powerful statement about the great freedom in life's journey.

4) RETIRED - 'Gift From The Sky.' The Artist - Lean Bean (Box additionally signed). Autographed numbered pony. Released date: 2014. Retired 2016. Dimensions: approximately 6" High. Materials: Solid Resin.

Gift From The Sky Story:

Fallen feathers have often been perceived as gifts from the sky that arrive unexpectedly, but not without purpose. Often they are interpreted as reminders that angels are near… as signs from the universe representing freedom and flight… as souvenirs left behind after looking at things from a high perspective. With this in mind, the artist created a “Gift from the Sky” intended to be a gift with the power to help us “take wing” on the right path in life.

Measures approximately 6.8" H Made of Resin

Included in this Painted Pony Package are (4) brand new (in their original box, never taken out), Collector Painted Pony Ornaments! They are:

1)‘Gypsy Winter Dreams.’

Artist Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor

With their long forelocks and thick manes and tails, Gypsy Vanners evoke a romance and beauty unlike any other horse breed. Often pictured grazing in emerald-green Irish meadows or pulling ornate wagons down country lanes, delighting the imagination of this artist is the image of a Gypsy Vanner playing Santa as it delivers sacks of gifts on Christmas Eve.

2)‘Jack Frost.’

Artist: Jennifer MacNeill Traylor

An embellish rascal, Jack Frost embodies the playful side of winter – sledding, snowmen, snowball fights.

3)‘Sweet Treat Roundup.’

Artist: Laurie Cook

A favorite Christmas memory of this artist’s childhood is standing on her tiptoes for a closer look at a frosting-laden cookie-house atop her grandmother’s dark wood table.

4)‘Butterflies Run Free.’

Artist: Jesse Leach

Coated with the orange and black-veined wings of the colorful and beautiful Monarch Butterfly, this Pony pays homage to this amazing symbol of freedom. Each year, millions of Monarch butterflies flee the seasonal cold in the eastern United States, and migrate several thousand miles to spend the winter in the warm mountainous fir forests of Mexico, returning in the spring.

Trails of the Panted Ponies - (4) Retired Ponies, (2) of them signed by the Artists, and (4) Painted Pony Ornaments Bid Form
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Please be aware that this is a live auction and all pre-bidding by email, mail in, or pre-phone bids prior to the event will be entered live during this auction. You will be notified from the Gallop Coordinator on Monday, January 29, 2018, as to whether you got the service to said stallion or not. Those of you whom choose to "bid live" during the auction will know of your bid result outcome through your Gallop telephone operator while the service is on the auction block. Please feel free to call should you have any questions not answered here.

Good luck and thank you for considering to purchase a service through our Gallop auction while additionally helping families in crisis whom are traveling to be near their child in a hospital!

Barbara J. Turner
Gallop Coordinator
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