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Trails of the Panted Ponies - (4) Retired Ponies, (1) of them signed by the Artist, (4) Painted Pony Ornaments, and crafted in copper jewelry by award winning Painted Pony Artist, Lynn Bean.
Lot Number:    37

For those of you who follow and collect 'Trails of the Painted Ponies', you know the value of this package! Generally these ponies run from $40 to $1,500+ (individually) if wanting to purchase one. They can go higher than that if retired, and/or signed by the artist, becoming collector's items worth hundreds. Serious collectors have been searching for a way to collect figurines that are hand signed and hand numbered by the artists who created the original works of art from The Trail of Painted Ponies. Each figurine is inspired by an original Painted Pony artwork, has been crafted with an exquisite attention to detail, and has received "creative approval" from the artist. As such, each figurine has an authenticity that makes it an artwork in its own right. Painted Pony figurines are cast in either ceramic or resin and stand approximately 7" in height. Twelve new designs are released every six months, and at least once a year, a certain number of figurines are "retired." Each is sequentially numbered and is accompanied by a "story tag" which tells the tale of the Pony, and provides information about the artist.

This years exciting Painted Pony Package offers (4) retired ponies (1 of which the Artist signed), and an additional (4) Painted Pony Ornaments!

Painted Pony Figurines:

1) Zuni Mare

Pony Story:

The Zuni Indians of New Mexico have inhabited the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona for over 1,000 years. Their pueblo was the first stop on the infamous search for the "Seven Cities of Cibola" by the Spanish in 1539. Among the rich traditions the Zuni are known for is pottery making. Zuni pots are distinguishable from the pottery of other pueblos by 1) material (Zuni potters dig their own clay); 2) design (the surface of their pots is usually a reddish color superbly decorated with fine lines and complicated geometric patterns created with white paint); and 3) shape (in addition to spherical bowls, Zuni pots were sometimes shaped like animals). Zuni Mare was respectfully inspired by the traditions of ancient as well as contemporary Zuni artisans.

Release Date: Summer 2010

Artist: Jesse Leach

Material: Resin

Size: 7" Tall

Form: Running

Retired: July 2012

2) Boot Camp - Trail of Painted Ponies Collectible Figurine/Signed by the Artist Maria Ryan. Retired-2009

Pony Story:

A cowboy's best friends are his horse and saddle, a rope, a hat and a comfortable pair of boots. But, boy howdy, when it comes to Painted Ponies you can forget the plain, clunky, brown and black working cowboy boot. Banishing the traditional "high heels of the range" from her imagination, Idaho wildlife artist Maria Ryan created a colorful tribute to the cowboy boot mystique when she bedecked and bedazzled her Pony with an outrageous collection of western fashion footwear and let him kick up his heels. Signed by artist, Maria Ryan.

Release Date: Summer 2007

Artist: Maria Ryan

Material: Resin

Size: 7" Tall

Form: Running

Retired: July 2009

3)Blackjack – The Trail of Painted Ponies NIB~Retired-2010

Pony Story:

Did you know that "Blackjack" is the most popular casino card game in the world? This fast-paced game of skill, also known as "21," arrived in America in the late 1700s, from Europe. Ambitious gambling houses offered a bonus payout to players whose hands contained the ace of spades and a black jack. Soon, "Blackjack" became the official name of the most exciting card game in America! We invite you to discover the thrill of the game with Black Jack.

Release Date: Winter 2013

Artist: Karlynn Keyes and Regan Lee

Material: Resin

Size: 7" Tall

Form: Walking

Retired: February 2015

4)Incognito - (1E-9656 NIB Retired Rare Zebra)

Pony Story:

Writes Janee Hughes, a former art teacher and book illustrator from Salem, Oregon, "Biologists are not in agreement about the purpose of a zebra's stripes. Some say the wonderful patterns act as camouflage in the tall grass; but others say the stripes confuse predators. When a lion sees a herd of zebras, it is difficult for her to distinguish one animal from another in order to single out a potential victim. Whichever the case may be, it was great fun creating a herd of Grant's zebras living 'Incognito.' Look closely at this art piece!

Release Date: Winter 2005

Artist: Janee Hughes

Material: Resin

Size: 6" Tall

Form: Standing

Retired: January 2008

Included in this Painted Pony Package are (4) brand new (in their original box, never taken out), Collector Painted Pony Ornaments! They are:

1) Prince Of The Wind - The Trail Of Painted Ponies Ornament

Pony Story:

As the story is told, when Sky and Earth gave birth to a royal son they endowed him with the power to fly without wings, the ability to dance without music, and the endurance to rule over the vast Arabian desert. Last of all, they painted his nature with beauty and grace, before enthroning him as “Prince of the Wind.”

• Measures: 2.5" H

• Stone Resin

• Artist Kathleen Moody

2) Bells ‘n’ Elves

Pony Story:

This whimsical Painted Pony's name is ELF, and he is Santa's secret helper. His job is to keep an eye on all the girls and boys, checking if they have been naughty or nice, and putting them on Santa's list. There are times when ELF tends to be mischievous, however, sneaking away from his duties to run and play with the reindeer at the North Pole. Santa has put jingle bells on his outfit so he can keep track of his little ELF Pony.

• Release Date: Holiday 2013

• Artist: Lorna Matsuda

• Material: Resin

• Size: 7" Tall

• Form: Walking

• Retired: No

3)A Royal Holiday Pony Story: Welcome to the Royal Palace, where you are invited to throw open the stable doors and go for a Royal Ride on a prancing Royal Pony that is decorated with glittering, golden hooves and a glorious, gilded saddle encrusted with rubies. Most certainly, a gift for a King or a Queen that will complete a Royal Holiday.

• Release Date: Holiday 2015

• Artist: Karlynn Keyes and Valor Lee

• Material: Resin

• Size: 7" Tall - Form: Regal

• Retired: No

4) Storm Rider

Pony Story:

The sky darkens ominously. Gusting blasts of wind kick up dust. Z-bolts of lightning flash from cloud-to-ground like jagged spears thrown by an angry mythological god. There is a sudden loud crack of thunder that sounds like the floorboards of Heaven have collapsed under the weight of the rain, snow and hail that pour down from above, as "Storm Rider" charges across the landscape, snorting, rearing, and bucking like a wild stallion.

•Release Date: Fall 2011

•Artist: Rod Barker and Lauren Reeser

•Material: Resin

•Size: 7" Tall

•Form: Regal

•Retired: No

In completing this package, another Painted Pony Artist has added her renowned Jewelry!

Designed, painted, handmade, and crafted in copper by award winning Painted Pony Artist, Lynn Bean. The earrings are breathtaking! The Christmas ornament is beautifully crafted and signed on the back by the Artist herself making it a collector’s piece. The 5x7 Limited Edition (14/50) abstract horse art with Native American dress is called ... Copper Appaloosa. It is on Giclée with hand tooled copper, unframed. We are indebted to this well noted artists support to our mission, allowing us to give you the rare opportunity to acquire these beautiful pieces by acclaimed artist, Lynn Bean.

Trails of the Panted Ponies - (4) Retired Ponies, (1) of them signed by the Artist, (4) Painted Pony Ornaments, and crafted in copper jewelry by award winning Painted Pony Artist, Lynn Bean. Bid Form
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Please be aware that this is a live auction and all pre-bidding by email, mail in, or pre-phone bids prior to the event will be entered live during this auction. You will be notified from the Gallop Coordinator on Monday, January 29, 2018, as to whether you got the service to said stallion or not. Those of you whom choose to "bid live" during the auction will know of your bid result outcome through your Gallop telephone operator while the service is on the auction block. Please feel free to call should you have any questions not answered here.

Good luck and thank you for considering to purchase a service through our Gallop auction while additionally helping families in crisis whom are traveling to be near their child in a hospital!

Barbara J. Turner
Gallop Coordinator
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